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It is our intention to supply the finest homebrewing ingredients and equipment. Most of the supplies listed here are not available elsewhere in the country, as far as we are aware. It is not our intention to supply ingredients currently available from existing homebrew suppliers or local hardware or grocery shops. We intend to cater for advanced homebrewers who mash their own grain, hop their own wort, and ferment using the purest liquid yeast cultures available. Out of stock items are indicated in red .

Malt and Grains

Malted Grains 500g >3kg (per kg) Malted Grains 500g >3kg (per kg)
Pale Ale €1.30 €2.15 Black €1.35 €2.35
Stout €1.30 €2.15 Vienna €1.35 €2.35
Organic Pale Ale €1.35 €2.35 Munich €1.35 €2.35
Crystal €1.35 €2.35 Carapils €1.50 €2.55
Chocolate €1.35 €2.35 Caramunch €1.50 €2.55
Wheat €1.35 €2.25 Acid €1.60 €2.55
Lager €1.30 €2.15 Amber €1.35 €2.35
Pilsener €1.35 €2.25

Malted grains are stored whole in our cool dehumidified warehouse to maintain them in prime condition. They are crushed immediately before shipping. A discount can be given for uncrushed malt. Prices of full 25 kg sacks are available on request.
Unmalted Grains 500g 3kg Unmalted Grains 500g 3kg
Flaked Maize €0.90 €5.30 Roasted Barley (whole) €1.15 €6.00
Flaked Rice €1.75 €9.30 Roasted Barley (crushed) €1.20 €6.40
Flaked Barley €0.80 €4.40

Malt Extract

Pale Spraymalt 1 kg €5.00 Premium Grade Pale Malt Extract 1.5 kg can €10.50
Edme Super Flavex (Dark) 1.5 kg can €12.00 Edme DMS (Pale diastatic) 1.6 kg can €14.00
Premium grade malt extract is manufactured to the highest possible specification. We recommend against adding sugar and using 2 cans instead for a 5 gallon batch. A booklet entitled "Brewing with Malt Extract" is available free with orders of 2 cans or more.


The following whole hops are available in 100g foil packs. Country of origin and alpha acid percentage are listed. We are now able to supply hop pellets in a number of varieties.
Goldings (UK) A.A. 3.5-4.5 €3.10 Mount Hood (US) A.A. 3.5-5.0 €2.95
Fuggles (UK) A.A. 1.8-3.8 €3.10 Willamette (US) A.A. 3.0-4.5 €2.95
Challenger (UK) A.A. 5.5-7.0 €2.85 Cascade (US) A.A. 4.5-6.0 €2.95
Target (UK) A.A. 8.0-9.5 €2.50 Cascade PELLETS €2.95
Hallertauer Hersbrucker (Ger) A.A. 1.0-1.5 €2.80 Liberty (US) A.A. 3.0-4.0 €2.95
Hallertauer Hersbrucker PELLETS €2.80 Northern Brewer (Ger) A.A. 5.5-6.0 €2.80
Brewers Gold (Ger) A.A. 5.0-6.0 €2.80 Tettnang (Ger) A.A. 3.0-3.5 €3.30
Perle (Ger) A.A. 3.0-4.0 €3.10 Nugget (US) A.A. 13.3 €2.80
Styrian Goldings (Slov) A.A. 3.5-4.0 €3.10 Admiral (UK) A.A. 11.0-12.0 €2.80
Phoenix (UK) A.A. 7.0-9.5 €2.80 Northdown (UK) A.A. 7.5-8.5 €3.10
Saaz (Cz) A.A. 1.5-2.0 €3.10 First Down PELLETS €3.25


We have several Wyeast liquid yeast cultures from America which are suitable for the highest quality beers. They are available for €7.00 each.
Number Name Suggested uses
1028 London Ale Well hopped bitters and pale ale
1084 Irish Ale Irish ales, stouts (not Guinness yeast)
1968 Special London Ale Yeast Well hopped bitters and pale ale
2112 California beer yeast Californian 'Steam' beer
2206 Bavarian Lager German lagers
2278 Czech Pils Yeast Pilsener style lager
2308 Munich Lager Yeast German lagers
3056 Bavarian wheat yeast blend Weiss beer
3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Weiss beer
3944 Belgian White Beer yeast
We can supply others if you wish. It could take a while depending on when they are reordered.

Equipment and Miscellaneous

We can supply the following equipment items. Phone for more information. On evenings and at weekends you will be less likely to talk to a machine (prices include VAT at 21%).
Insulated Mashtun €53.00
Electric Mashtun/Boiler €150.00
False Bottom for Mashtun/Boiler €37.00
Hop Strainer €12.00
Bottle Filler €4.00
Rotating Sparge Arm 8.5" €20.00
Second Hand Cornelius Keg (stainless steel, 19 L) 5 kg shipping weight €33.00
Dispensing tap for Cornelius Keg €10.00
Cornelius keg fittings (new) €8.00
Cornelius keg fittings (second hand) €2.70
Gypsum Water Treatment, 250 g €1.15
Burton Water Crystals, 250 g €1.50
Precipitated chalk (calcium carbonate), 50 g €1.50
Irish Moss (Carageenan), 50g €1.40
pH paper roll (4-6) €5.30
The Homebrewer's Companion €13.00
New Complete Joy of Homebrewing €12.00
Brewing Lager Beer €14.00
Evaluating Beer €17.00

Ordering Information

Small orders will be shipped by letter post and large orders by parcel post. The rates for shipment within Ireland (26 counties) are 0-500g €1.60, 0.5-1kg €4.25, 1-3kg €7.30, 3-5kg €8.90, 5-10kg €10.40, 10-20kg €13.40, 20-30kg €16.40. To N. Ireland are 0-500g €1.60, 0.5-1kg €4.25, 1-3kg €8.40, 3-5kg €10.00, 5-10kg €12.00, 10-20kg €16.00, 20-30kg €20.00. To Britain are 0-500g €1.54, 0.5-1kg €4.25, 1-3kg €10.30, 3-5kg €13.10, 5-10kg €15.60, 10-20kg €20.600, 20-30kg €25.60. 30 kg is maximum package weight. Heavier orders will be sent in multiple packages. Rates for shipment elsewhere are available upon request. Please allow an additional kg for packaging weight for order over 3 kg. Goods will be dispatched as soon as available and the post office says delivery averages 24 hours nationwide.

Some items have passed their best before date, but are still in excellent condition. 10% discount applies to such items. First orders should be paid for in advance. Subsequent orders will be shipped and invoiced and payment should be sent upon receipt of goods. In case that some items ordered are out of stock, please include a phone number so we can contact you and let you know. You will have the options to receive a partial shipment with either a refund or credit for the unavailable goods, substitute other goods, or wait until the delayed goods arrive.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee on all items, but not on shipping costs. All prices subject to change without notice. For payment with sterling cheques please multiply total by 0.70 and add 2.00 to cover bank charges. For payment with Euro cheques from other countries please add €3.00. We can accept Paypal payment for credit cards.

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